Raising awareness is a way to inform the population about a specific public concern like informing the population about breast cancer. Groups of individuals try to raise awareness about a problem that touches and can touch many people in the hopes that a change can be made such as research, rules and many more. Also, there is a small ribbon that represents the movement about awareness, for breast cancer the ribbon is pink and for aids awareness the ribbon is red.

awareness facebook covers

  • save your life Cover

    save your life facebook cover
  • support our troops Cover

    support our troops facebook cover
  • orange leukemia awareness Cover

    orange leukemia awareness facebook cover
  • diabetes awareness Cover

    diabetes awareness facebook cover
  • support breast cancer awareness Cover

    support breast cancer awareness facebook cover
  • suicide awareness Cover

    suicide awareness facebook cover
  • lupus learn about it Cover

    lupus learn about it facebook cover
  • genetic disorder awareness Cover

    genetic disorder awareness facebook cover
  • aids awareness Cover

    aids awareness facebook cover
  • fight against alzheimers Cover

    fight against alzheimers facebook cover
  • keep the doctor away Cover

    keep the doctor away facebook cover
  • support troops Cover

    support troops facebook cover
  • supporter Cover

    supporter facebook cover
  • sexual assault awareness Cover

    sexual assault awareness facebook cover
  • child abuse awareness Cover

    child abuse awareness facebook cover
  • heart health awareness Cover

    heart health awareness facebook cover
  • melanoma awareness Cover

    melanoma awareness facebook cover
  • elder abuse awareness Cover

    elder abuse awareness facebook cover
  • rare disease day Cover

    rare disease day facebook cover
  • pink together Cover

    pink together facebook cover
  • breast cancer awareness Cover

    breast cancer awareness facebook cover
  • brain cancer awareness Cover

    brain cancer awareness facebook cover
  • a reason to hope Cover

    a reason to hope facebook cover
  • stop child abuse Cover

    stop child abuse facebook cover
  • help save the earth Cover

    help save the earth facebook cover
  • help raise leukemia awareness Cover

    help raise leukemia awareness facebook cover
  • bullying and harassment awareness Cover

    bullying and harassment awareness facebook cover
  • pink breast cancer awareness Cover

    pink breast cancer awareness facebook cover
  • live strong Cover

    live strong facebook cover
  • alzheimer awareness Cover

    alzheimer awareness facebook cover
  • support pro life Cover

    support pro life facebook cover
  • parkinsons awareness Cover

    parkinsons awareness facebook cover

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