In the old days, candles were the way to go when there was a need to light up an area. Today, candles aren’t used very often, usually people take them out to light up a room when the electricity goes down or people can use them to create a peaceful and romantic atmosphere. Before, candles served only one purpose which was light, so they all had the same look and no specific scent. Today, candles come in various shapes, sizes and scents to be reachable to any kind of personality. These little objects of light aren’t made of anything complicated; they are simply formed of wax and a wick.  

candles facebook covers

  • candle in hands Cover

    candle in hands facebook cover
  • red heart candle Cover

    red heart candle facebook cover
  • colorful candles Cover

    colorful candles facebook cover
  • candles in lantern Cover

    candles in lantern facebook cover
  • white elegant candles Cover

    white elegant candles facebook cover
  • red birthday candles Cover

    red birthday candles facebook cover
  • t made of candles Cover

    t made of candles facebook cover
  • heart of candles Cover

    heart of candles facebook cover
  • white heart candles Cover

    white heart candles facebook cover
  • circle shapes from candles Cover

    circle shapes from candles facebook cover
  • spiral made of candles Cover

    spiral made of candles facebook cover
  • almost finished candles Cover

    almost finished candles facebook cover
  • i love you candles Cover

    i love you candles facebook cover
  • square shape from candles Cover

    square shape from candles facebook cover

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