A baby is the new born in the family; the youngest of them all. They are the cutest and most innocent beings alive. A baby needs special care from his parents like getting fed, bathed and dressed. Also, parents teach their baby to walk and talk because a baby can’t do much alone. Babies are feed breast milk, but as they develop food supplements are additional to their eating habits. In addition, a baby wears a diaper but as they grow more and more they transition to a baby toilet. When a baby learns to walk, he is no longer a baby but a toddler. 

baby facebook covers

  • happy friends Cover

    happy friends facebook cover
  • baby in stroller Cover

    baby in stroller facebook cover
  • indian baby sleeping Cover

    indian baby sleeping facebook cover
  • brown eyed baby Cover

    brown eyed baby facebook cover
  • christmas babies Cover

    christmas babies facebook cover
  • baby ladybug Cover

    baby ladybug facebook cover
  • baby girl crying Cover

    baby girl crying facebook cover
  • sweet babies Cover

    sweet babies facebook cover
  • super cute baby Cover

    super cute baby facebook cover
  • baby finger painting Cover

    baby finger painting facebook cover
  • adorable sleeping baby Cover

    adorable sleeping baby facebook cover
  • mad little girl Cover

    mad little girl facebook cover
  • bestfriends and icecream Cover

    bestfriends and icecream facebook cover
  • baby girl laughing Cover

    baby girl laughing facebook cover
  • baby and laptop Cover

    baby and laptop facebook cover
  • palestine flag in eyes Cover

    palestine flag in eyes facebook cover
  • sad adorable baby Cover

    sad adorable baby facebook cover
  • cute easter baby Cover

    cute easter baby facebook cover
  • baby face Cover

    baby face facebook cover
  • little girl crying Cover

    little girl crying facebook cover
  • beautiful eyes baby Cover

    beautiful eyes baby facebook cover
  • baby and sky Cover

    baby and sky facebook cover
  • happy baby in water Cover

    happy baby in water facebook cover

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