Black and red photos are exactly the same as black and white photos: they are photos with different shadings of grey and white, the only difference is that there is a small touch of red. The black and red photos mean that everything in the image has various greys but that only one object is red. Anything in the photo could be the red standing out of the photo:  like a piece of clothing, a flower, furniture, the imagination can run wild. This kind of trick makes the image pop out and more interesting and also keeps the viewers interested as well as focused on the subject. 

black and red facebook covers

  • black dress Cover

    black dress facebook cover
  • hand heart Cover

    hand heart facebook cover
  • swiss flag Cover

    swiss flag facebook cover
  • beautiful red dress Cover

    beautiful red dress facebook cover
  • red light Cover

    red light facebook cover
  • red insect on leaf Cover

    red insect on leaf facebook cover
  • coca cola red Cover

    coca cola red facebook cover
  • boat black and red Cover

    boat black and red facebook cover
  • billiards black and red Cover

    billiards black and red facebook cover
  • shoes black and red Cover

    shoes black and red facebook cover
  • woman black and red Cover

    woman black and red facebook cover
  • black and red drink Cover

    black and red drink facebook cover
  • maple leaf Cover

    maple leaf facebook cover
  • black and red pencils Cover

    black and red pencils facebook cover
  • black white red Cover

    black white red facebook cover
  • flute black and red Cover

    flute black and red facebook cover

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